Tan Tips

How to Apply

1. Tan Erase Ultimate Exfoliator Glove

As with all sunless tans, preparation is key, exfoliate your entire body, paying close attention to trouble areas such as the knees, ankles and elbows where skin is drier. Our award winning Tan Erase is the ideal tool as it can be used wet or dry. Make sure your skin is clean and polished before you move to the next step.

2. Moisturising Multi-Use Dry Oil

Once you have finished exfoliating, moisturize! This is another key factor to achieving a flawless tan and perfect fade. Our 100% natural multi award winning Oil Arganic is the ideal accompaniment to TanOrganic and will leave your skin super smooth and supple. Be sure to pay close attention and only apply the oil to the knees, elbows, hands and feet as Multi-Use Dry Oil will act as a buffer against skin cells and ensure that you never end up with disastrous application results like tangoed hands and feet. Body Oils are an essential part of retaining your skins natural beauty and differ to traditional moisturisers as they contain no water so it is instantly absorbed into your skin.

3. Self Tan Lotion

Now you are ready to apply your tan, remember LESS IS MORE with TanOrganic, each bottle will do on average 5 – 7 full body tans. Apply a few drops, about the size of a euro coin to the luxury glove and make a fist about 3 times to allow the glove to absorb the tan.

Start on your legs but leave your hands and feet until the end. Apply in circular motions starting on your calves and working your way up to your thighs, make sure you cover all areas, pay special attention to the knees and ankles and ensure that there is no build up in the creases. Remember to check hard to reach areas in a mirror so that nothing is missed – along the backs of the legs can be a common streak area. Allow the tan to dry and if you have missed any areas, you can easily blend in any lines.

Next move to your midriff and apply in the same fashion. Reach around to apply to your back or if possible get a friend or partner to do it for you to ensure an even streak free tan. Even the men in our lives don’t mind applying TanOrganic, as there is no overpowering fake tan smell that we associate with other fake tans.

Next move to the arms and in the same fashion as the legs, apply the tan in circular motions along the back of the arms and over the shoulders. Apply most of the tan to the outside of the arms and leave the left over for the insides; this will give you a natural looking tan but pay particular attention to the elbows and do not use too much tan as it will build up and this is a tell tale sign of a bad tan. Now you can work on your hands and feet; using the left over tan on the glove, apply the tan ensuring you run between the fingers and toes – do not apply to the palms of your hands or soles of your feet. Make sure there is no build up and when you are done, wipe the palms of your hands, fingernails and toenails with a baby wipe.

Moving finally to the face and neck, we recommend that you use our amazing self-tanning oil for the face and neck. This was recently voted best facial tanner by RSVP magazine. There is no need to use a glove, simply apply some to your hands and apply like any other facial oil. When you are finished, wipe your palms and nails with a baby wipe.

When you are finished, check in a mirror for any lines that may not have been blended in. If you find any lines, just add a bit of Oil Arganic to the glove and blend them in. TanOrganic should be applied in light layers, do the first layer and let it dry for a couple of minutes, if you are looking for a darker look, apply a second or third layer.

TanOrganic takes 6 to 8 hours to develop fully but its best to leave it overnight – the tan will develop every hour after application up to 8 hours. When trying TanOrganic for the first time, try out 1, 2 and 3 layer applications to determine which shade you prefer. You may prefer one layer for daytime and 2 or 3 for evening.

4. Self Tan Oil


TanOrganic self-tanning oil is a world’s first as it’s a body oil that gives a subtle tan. It’s lighter than our core product but darker than usual gradual tanners. It is ideal for those who prefer a natural glow and is the perfect facial tan recently winning the best facial tanner by RSVP magazine and best tanning oil by Social & Personal.

You apply TanOrganic self-tanning oil like any other body oil without the need for a glove. It is perfect for application after a shower or after the gym.

To get the best possible finish, preparation is important; exfoliate your entire body, paying close attention to trouble areas such as the knees, ankles and elbows where skin is drier. Our award winning Tan Erase is the ideal tool as it can be used wet or dry.

Application couldn’t be easier; you apply a little to the skin as you would any other body oil and massage it in. You DO NOT need to use a glove. TanOrganic’s self-tanning oil does not contain a colour guide so it’s important to cover all areas and make sure you don’t leave any gaps for a streak free tan. Again, it’s advisable to ask for assistance from a partner of friend to get to the hard to reach areas. Play and practice a little with this application and once you have mastered it, we promise you will love the results.

When you are finished, simply remove any excess by wiping the palms of your hands, fingernails and toenails with a baby wipe. TanOrganic’s self-tanning oil takes about 6-8 hours to develop and if you prefer a darker shade, apply another coat to suit your needs. If you like an all year round glow, reapply every 3 – 4 days as desired.

5. TanOrganic Duo Bronzer